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Nirvana . Strange forms of pleasure


Nirvana: Strange Forms of Pleasure, MUDAC Lausanne, Switzerland, 
29 October 2014 – 19 April 2015 

Nirvana – Strange Forms of Pleasure is Switzerland’s first international-level exhibition to be devoted to forms of pleasure in contemporary creation, exploring design as well as fashion and contemporary art, and the first compre­hensive study of the influence of erotica on design, contemporary art and fashion. By turns bold, luxurious and mysterious, the exhibi­tion presents works by around eighty artists and designers,  and over 200 objects and installations.


Above and below: pieces by Rein Vollenga, Rachel Freire, Mustafa Sabbagh, Betony Vernon.

reinvollenga_untitledwings_2013rachelfreire_modestysuit_aw2010-1 mustafa-sabbagh-at-mudac-100x90-cm-2 betonyvernon_lovelockcollierwornwithsadochicleashandcockringattachment mustafasabbagh_justinblack_2014

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04.13.2012 | Golab Atelier opening

If you are in Milan tonight, come to say Hi at Golab Atelier opening tonight: video installations, art exhibition and lots of vodka! After party show at 65mq, in Navigli area!
[Garphics by me]

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Chickenshit Conspiracy X Karl Grandin | Occult Institute


The hottest Russian collective, Chickenshit, that I had the pleasure to interview a few months ago for my blog – check their interview here - is back with another super juicy collaboration.


This time the Saint Petersburg based guys have teamed up with Karl Grandin, ex art director of the influential Swedish music magazine Pop and founder the clothing label Cheap Monday. A set of three handkerchiefs and two t-shirts, strictly black and white and packaged in a black wooden matryoshka doll, have been launched in conjunction with the Spectacle art show in Saint Petersburg. I so wish I was there…Saint Petersburg is every day more on my “MUST GO AND VISIT” list!

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Michel Comte @Milan Triennale

Today it was the first relaxed Sunday I had in a month or so and I was exactly in the mood to go and visit some inspiring exhibition. I was lucky because this month Milan Triennale is hosting “Michel Comte. Crescendo fotografico”, an awesome exhibition which retraces the career of one of the best contemporary fashion and portrait photographers, definitely worth a visit. 
The show includes 87 images and 20 collages, each one of them is composed of test images taken from various rolls that give an overall vision of the complexity of Comte’s work before he is happy with a final shot. The selection of the images in the exhibition is fabulous and provides a broader demonstration of the photographer’s work: not just his famous fashion advertising campaigns, but also black-and-white portraits.
Here I post some of my fav shots that I grabbed there. 
Don’t miss it if it happens that you are in Milan!

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[Untitled] Schilte&Portielje

I have just come across, via Schon magazine, the fascinating collage work of Huub Schilte and Jacqueline Portielje from Rotterdam, The couple works together in a time-consuming process of transforming, drawing, painting, adding and subtracting and creates work that deals with the fundamental aspect of human existence, but always under the ambiguity flag, in a transformation where new possibilities and ideas are generated constantly.
I love that in each work there is room for personal interpretation.
Do you like it?
I’m in awe.


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The Bloody Beetrots – Video Preview show

Yesterday night we night we hosted the preview for international press of the Bloody Beetroots new short movie “Dominio”.
It’s good to start the week with a show at the agency. Usually it happens that openings and stuff like that are scheduled on thursday, but it seems that monday is good enough. At least people are conscious that there are still 4 working days to go, and they don’t get smashed straight away! Anyway, the guests were nice and the video brilliant, and I have really enjoyed the projection on the big wall. I will post it as soon as it will be available online.
Since, as said, it was monday the preview ended pretty early so I hade the chance to meet up with Ced e Martino for chinese dinner in downtown chinatown, aka Paolo Sarpi street. It was a funny dinner casue we end up in this room with a big table of 20 weird italians and one huge young chinese man,  talking about astrological signs and stuff like that… it was impossible not to listen to them casue they were so fuckin’ loud, bat anyway…I had this shrimps salt&pepper which were so gorgeuos that I cannot think about them now, that is ten to one – nearly lunch time. Talking about lunch, I think I will head for Lattughino, oh yesss! :D
Happy lunch everybody!
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