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The Bloody Beetrots – Video Preview show

Yesterday night we night we hosted the preview for international press of the Bloody Beetroots new short movie “Dominio”.
It’s good to start the week with a show at the agency. Usually it happens that openings and stuff like that are scheduled on thursday, but it seems that monday is good enough. At least people are conscious that there are still 4 working days to go, and they don’t get smashed straight away! Anyway, the guests were nice and the video brilliant, and I have really enjoyed the projection on the big wall. I will post it as soon as it will be available online.
Since, as said, it was monday the preview ended pretty early so I hade the chance to meet up with Ced e Martino for chinese dinner in downtown chinatown, aka Paolo Sarpi street. It was a funny dinner casue we end up in this room with a big table of 20 weird italians and one huge young chinese man,  talking about astrological signs and stuff like that… it was impossible not to listen to them casue they were so fuckin’ loud, bat anyway…I had this shrimps salt&pepper which were so gorgeuos that I cannot think about them now, that is ten to one – nearly lunch time. Talking about lunch, I think I will head for Lattughino, oh yesss! :D
Happy lunch everybody!
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Amica X Diesel

Thursday at Diesel Penthouse it has been showcased a collection of photography works that a few artist – Alessandro Dal Buoni, Mark Pillai, Jean Francois Lepage, Massimo Pamparana + Philippe Lacombe and Dirk Seiden Schwan – have been featuring for Amica X Diesel.
I was exactly in the mood of having a good time, probably because I had such a shit day at work, and I went down to Diesel headquarter ready to party …party and party! And I didn’t disappoint myself, since me and a couple of my colleagues that came home with us went to bed at three o’clock in the morning! Surprisingly the day after I manage to keep up pretty well with the thousand things I had to do at work…

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BOYS CLUB exhibition

In these days I am deadly busy ’cause I am working on many many things plus I am getting ready all the the printed materials for this exhibition that will take place in Milan during Man fashion week 2010. Come by for the opening on Sunday 17th December!
It will showcase the work of Joost Vandebrug, Bart Julius Peters, Chocolat_Poire, Kyle Tryhorn, Hyun Yeu
PRESENTATION by Martin Butler with Tony jones models.
I promise it will be good!

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Victoria Bartlett and VPL – Visible Panty Line exhibition

Tonight we had the “VPL – Visible Panty Line exhibition” opening in the agency where I work. The party was great, I think one of the best show for Milan Fashion Week. Probably one of the reasons that the party was so good was that Victoria is such an amazing woman… so inspiring and so beautiful…

Unfortunately I am afraid I have lost my camera (yes, that one that I couldn’t find last week..I still cannot find it…this makes me think the worst for it) so I could take just a few pics with my mobile phone (and they are not very good, actually they are pretty blurred…not enough light, too much red wine and vodka, yeah what a funny mix!).
Anyway, for better pic than mine go and check Dopolavoro blog.
Above: Victoria during the interview with Fashion TV
Pic above: a few posters from Mark BorthwickPic above: Steven Klein… and the dedication above is because I did the catalogue for the exhibition :)
Thank you, Victoria!
So this was a perfect evening…now I am off to bed. nite nite x x

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