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BW collages








In love with these beautiful images by Raphael Vicenzi -
via Trendland

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Wicked to the bone


It has been a while since I have shared any illustrator with you guys, but now it’s time to introduce you to one of my fav ones, Kez Glozier, talented and sexy guy based in London. His work is pure rock n’roll and a lot of his drawings could be an awesome inspiration for some rad tats. Check out more from him on his (totally insane) blog:


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Being an art director that works mainly for fashion clients I am always fascinated when I come across unusual lookbooks like this one, art directed and designed by Gulpstudio (photography by Cristian Di Stefano studio) for Gory the Palma SS10, that immediately grabbed my attention. 
Black and white photography  looks awfully nice when mixed with skeletons illustrations, isn’t it? 
…and it goes straight to my inspiration folder.
Have a fab week ahead guys!
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Monsieur Qui in the streets of Paris

Take a trip to Paris to meet these babes.

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The modern San Franciscan by Mike Giant

I have spotted this trippy illustration some time ago on I love you magazine and I wanted to post it very badly but I always forgot to take a snap of it. By chance I found it online…and here it is.
The genius behind it is Mike Giant. Do I need to say anything more?
Enjoy and get lost reading through it! 
And if you are a San Franciscan gal tell me if, and for what, you can identify with it! 
Kisses and rock’n roll xxx

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Sunday’s dreams

Some days ago I stumbled upon these intriguing shots by Bruno Dayan. The first one strongly reminded me of something but I couldn’t recall what it was until today, when browsing through my favorites I came across one of my best-loved underground artist ever, Ray Caesar and I realized that the first Dyan’s shot was resembling one of Ray’s painting! It turned out that Bruno Dayan has dedicated one entire serie to Caesar’s mind-blowing work and the result is an amazing example of contamination between art and fashion photography, very inspiring. So, this is a good excuse to show you some of my favorite paintings of this surreal artist, which the legend say was born as a dog and that he didn’t mind that much. Enjoy and get inspired!
Wish you a very dreamlike Sunday!

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