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04.13.2012 | Golab Atelier opening

If you are in Milan tonight, come to say Hi at Golab Atelier opening tonight: video installations, art exhibition and lots of vodka! After party show at 65mq, in Navigli area!
[Garphics by me]

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Gianfranco Ferré Is Not Dead, Fashion System Is.

NEO Installation by Italian designer Felice Limosani at Luisa Via Roma during Pitti Moda Uomo in Florence. Which are your thoughts? Just a provocation against the fashion system? Or is the fashion system really kind of struggling looking for further innovative languages and inspirations to express itsel?

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Spray all walls

NO SODA : NO FUN (2001)
Mixed media installation and paint. By
Elisabeth Arkhipoff.

For some reasons this installation reminds me of my South London Period…

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Street Installations

More installations here.



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