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Leigh De Vries | Strange



“In the name of love, live before you’ve died”

British musician and artist Leigh De Vries has just launched her new single’s video “Strange”.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the London launch party but, now that the video is out, I can finally share it with you guys. She’s gorgeous as always and once again I am loving the masks and headpiece, designed by AlienFox Designs - See other creations from AlienFox for Leigh De Vries here.


Strange written by Leigh de Vries, Sasha Pullin and Andrew Flude
Produced by Sasha Pullin and Leigh de Vries


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Not Registered – Only with my Lips

Fashion inspiration for the newest sleek and sexy music video from our favourite, Made In Varma, for Geneva singer Not Registered.

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the party we wish we were always at


A few hours ago David Lynch premiered the self-directed video for his track “Crazy Clown Time”.  The video is apparently the “party we wish we were always at. It’s got babes with their boobs out, a dude with his mohawk on fire, and the place is so trashed you could do whatever you want and no one would notice. It’s genius.”

I love the track and the weird mental vibe, typical of his works.


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Black and white photography meets empty urban landscapes and luxury cars, kids moving in the streets and raving in posh flats. Music and dance melt together, under the signature trippy editing of Mr. Made In Varma. This is his new short film.


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The hottest girl in London town


On the hunt for exciting upcoming bands? Meet Maleficient, the London based band lead by singer, model, ballet dancer and bondage performer, Miss Maleficient Martini and Mortimer Cain.

Firebelly has been filming Maleficent for 2 years and this promo video is the fantastic result!

MISS MALEFICENT MARTINI fronts the band MALEFICENT. She started ballet at the age of five and by eleven, joined Rome’s Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma. Four years later, she went to London to study at the Royal Ballet School. While training, she worked under the guidance of many famous ballet dancers and choreographers including Elisabetta Terabust, Alexander Floris, Zarcko Prebil, Massimo Moricone, Merle Park, Jonathan Cope and David Drew. It was in the final year of her studies that she started to develop her own unique blend of classical and contemporary dance. It’s this melange she brings to MALEFICENT ( – the band she formed in 2006. They mix fairytale scenarios and ballet, with industrial Electro in their live shows.

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AlienFox for Leigh de Vries

Leigh de Vries by leighdevries

How crazy are these two headpieces designed by AlienFox for one of my fav artist and musician, the gorgeous Leigh de Vries?? Check out her newest track, Walk Alone, I am seriously in love with it! And check also AlienFox FB for info about buying or renting their creations.


Dark star crashes

pouring its light
into ashes

Reason tatters
the forces tear loose
from the axis

Searchlight casting
for faults in the
clouds of delusion

shall we go,
you and I
While we can?
the transitive nightfall
of diamonds


Artist: Leigh de Vries
Photography: AlienFox Designs
Costume Design & Build: AlienFox Designs
Make-up: AlienFox Designs

Studio: The White Room Studio

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