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Punk’s not DEAD


It might be just a coincidence, but while I am obsessing over my new zebra jeans bought in Camden a few days ago, Interview magazine launches a freakin’ amazing editorial called “Wild Thing”, in which Punk goes primal with skater-boy silhouettes and “pretty vacant” attitude. Soo Joo Park is too damn good as badass rebel babe and she’s killing it in every single outfit.


Hello punk revival! My inner teenage rebel is ready to jump, yey!



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I want you to be crazy cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane


I’m sick of social crazesShow your sharp tipped teethLose your cool in publicDid the legal meet.


I want you to be crazy 

‘Cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight 
I want you to be crazy 
‘Cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane


Listening to the Kills and having fun editing yesterday’s night out pics. Here is the result with some of my fav shots, twisted and rocked just as I like them.


Wearing: h&m tank top, Diesel Black Gold necklace, Calvin Klein studded bracelet, Chanel purple lipstick, Margiela pleated pants and Jeffrey Campbell buckled wedges.




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Ann Demeulemeester I fuckin’ luv you | part 2


I wanted to make a post about this beauties I got from LN-CC quite a long time ago, but then the heavy heat we experienced in Milan since the spring began didn’t allow me to wear them as much as I wanted. And then, these gorgeous Ann Demeulemeester vitello boots were white…which was the reason why I bought them in the first place but still…I’m used to wear black all the time and probably I wasn’t prepared for such brightness in my closet, I needed some time to get used to it.

Anyway, here they are: easy total white outfit, perfect for a girls’ night out. Wearing them with my fav white tee ever FETISH&CONFUSED, handmade sheer shirt from Chinese boutique next door (best part is the studded skull on the back, I’ll show you another time) AA leggings and random jewelry.

Go here to read the Ann Demeulemeester I fuckin’ luv you | part 1 post.


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The McQ oversize mini dress

So…the other day I went out to shop some cheap basics from h&m and I came back with this McQ dress instead. How the f*@#k did it happened? Don’t ask me. I just couldn’t resist the asymmetrical cut, the zipper detail and the grey melange shade… the oversize/sweater shape has been a plus too! I have been checking out the entire collection, which is quite interesting indeed, and I found myself drooling over a few pieces. Check it out on the the MCQ website that has filmed 4 ordinary London women’ wearing the entire collection!

Wearing: McQ dress, random jewelry, Stark watch.

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The Cheap Monday tee

Just before Christmas I have been one of the two lucky winners of Boheme Noir‘s awesome Cheap Monday giveaway. At the time I was in LA and I asked Jenny to get the tee delivered to my Milan’s address because with postal service you never know how long will it take for a package to arrive… So, when I came back to Milan the other week I found this wonderful tee awaiting me which definitely deserved an outfit post! Thank you Jenny for the prize and the awesome postcard that accompanied it!

Here I wear it with American Apparel oversize sweater, Gucci fishnet tank top, Zana Bayne three straps belt, faux leather skinnies in pics number one and three, and h&m jeans in the second one, Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony ankle wedge boots.

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