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Foot Fetishism | the Alternative Anthropological Bible

Nowness anticipates the new Sang Bleu, issue 7, I can’t wait to have on my shelve.
Head over to Nowness site now and read the awesome interview with Maxime Büchi, tattoist (I am proud to have two of his pieces on my ribs and chest) creative director of the tattoo-themed editorial project “Sang Bleu” and art director for Mugler, Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens, about fetishism and erotic publishing.


Sharna Osbourne made the film which was directed by Reba Maybury with creative direction from Maxime Buchi and Eloise Parry feet portraits.

Styling Rema Maybury for Sang Bleu.

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Metallic loafers: yes please | Zambesi FW13/14


Loving the new Zambesi Fw13 adv shots. Sleek styling and rad silver loafers, wich I am seriously considering buying (here). But in the meantime I am having fun wearing a much cheaper version of silver shoes from Zara, the metallic espadrille slippers featured in the shot below (buy here).


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All about the shoes

Above: Made in Varma shots for Low Weakness


If you are following my blog, you must know by now that I am a big fan of Made in Varma’s work, from his signature black and white fashion shots like Twenty Six Palace Bubble Gum to the trippy edited videos and short films such as *DEMIV GALAXY FOR POPPINSCREAM, or his newest release Stress feat. Noah Veraguth & Bastian Baker – ALL MY LIFE (Noël’s Room).


So here is his latest shooting, an awesome still life serie, shot in the amazing location L’HOTEL in Lausanne. It features the beautiful shoes handmade by Swiss artist from Geneva, Low Weakness. I love the way Made in Varma captured the essence of the shoes seen as pieces of art. The artist inspiration was in fact to present the shoes like a valuable piece of jewelry, which generally always come in little boxes made out of precious wood. He wanted to show the people, that shoes are not just a vulgar object that you can buy for 1000 francs in a ridiculous box made out of cardboard.


Above: Low Weakness


Here is what the Low Weakness says about the project:

“I chose a marine theme for the shoes, which is represented in the navy-blue color, the wood which makes a reference to the wood of yachts and in the buttons which have a little anchor symbol on the top surface. Shoe size: 38.5The heel and the platform of the shoes are made out of cherry wood. They are entirely made out of leather, 100% suede.To produce the shoes it took me 6  month of work without stress, or 1 month of very intense commitment.The box is custom-made by myself. I used partly cherry wood like in the shoes, but also bird’s-eye maple and ebony. For the lock I used the same buttons as for the shoes . The inside of the box is a mould of the shoes, coated with beige rose leather, like the soles.”


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Hotel Skovgaard: Room 77


“No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness”


‘Hotel Skovgaard, Room 77′ is a visionary and surreal fashion film. Shot in Dubai in collaboration between Danish shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard and acclaimed director Ali F. Mostafa, it was released during NY fashion week. I am loving the haunted, sick vibe and the track too, very trippy.

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Hey darlings, are you on Instagram? Let’s stalk each other then!
Instagram name: Wobblinbetty


From top:

. Chris Habana ZERO chocker/nove25miniskull pendant/ AA sheer shirt // Givenchy Pandora bag (brand new, I love it so much!)

. A day spent on the haunt for the perfect models to shoot for a fashion client // Jill Sander sheer top (crazy fabric, my fav right now!)

. Studded loafers // Carvela lace-up buckled heels

. A page from an old mag // Jil Sander Navy wedges + Mac nails

. Views of my design agency


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Today’s crush


Every time I browse through Farafetch there is some sexy that  winks at me. And even if I promised myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore wedges this season (I own to many, time to ride some proper heels) this white sandal by Cinzia Rocca would match perfectly my new Jil Sander white leather jacket I mentioned in my previous post…plus the leather looks so soft…sales please come soon!

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