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Last Days of Glory


Super in love with the new indipendent fashion film by Italian fashion blog

The film, which was made to compete for A shaded View on Fashion film festival, has been underestimated and eventually rejected for fear of its strong and uneasy content of fake terrorism against the Festival organizer Diana Pernet.


“Black and Paris are the two things identifying She and GCDS’s crew, together with the viral way of spreading information and thoughts.
A fashion pioneer and a strictly street style group of people that want to stop her, to draw the end line of her idolized force. Through notes given away secretly in the whole city, they plot a conspiracy, they met in a Paris’s underground location. The video atmosphere reminds of nineties, the sense of belonging to a sub-culture team with strong stylistic codes. ‘Live your last day of glory’ is a web-marketing experiment, where the fiction meet the real to send a message: a movement starting from streets, a video project that is gonna diffusing across web and social networks.”

Aside from the story, photography, locations, casting and styling are top, just as I like them.




Produced by NssFactory
Directed by Vincenzo Schioppa
Art Direction Walter D’Aprile
Director of Photography Ilaria D’Atri
Styling Mariaelena Morelli
Music Give Us The Tools
Grooming Giulio Panciera
Actors Daniel Bamdad @Success Models/Benjamin Dukhan @Rock Men/Younes Bendjima @Rock Men/Simon Nygård @ Izaio Models/Krimo Yahyaoui/Leonard Petit/Luciano Parisi/Remi Felipe/Ricardo Abrahao/Hugues Dieudonné/Igor Chernyak/Gwenaelle Wieners
Lights and Location Christian Varas Matta
Assistant Cesar Montana
Casting Mariaelena Morelli

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Rad details from one of my fav street style blog


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Monsieur Qui in the streets of Paris

Take a trip to Paris to meet these babes.

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SHR***MP l Graffiti on G*rls

Some time ago I discovered this amazing Graffiti site – thanks to Fullscream for the link – that I want to share with you! It is called SHR***MP Graffiti on G*rls and is quite different from the usual ones. In fact this time graffiti artists are not decorating building walls or train carriages but naked girls’ bodies! It’s a new trend that places itself somewhere between body painting and tattoo art and, if you know how to paint with brushes and spray can, maybe you will be happy to know that online you can enter contests, get your work rated by a jury and win prizes.
But beware: you must be +18 old to enter the site cause you will find plenty of girls wearing nothing but body paint!

Top image from 123 Klan “Banditism”contest - and last two are by G-KILLI’m really sorry but I don’t have the artist credits for the other two shots from SHR***MP Graffiti on G*rls

Oh, and later on this evening I will announce the GIVEAWAY winner, so stay tuned!

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Via Paolo Sarpi

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Colonne di San Lorenzo – Milano

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