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Sang Bleu + Armes

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Super dope Sang Bleu x Armes collaboration (crow necks and tees) has been launched at this Lausanne event last week. Check the totally rad video recap by Varma Cesar that really, I mean REALLY, made me wish I had the chance to attend the party! I actually thought about heading to Swiss for the event as I’m a big fan of Sang Bleu family since forever… and also last time I was in Lausanne to get inked by Maxime I had quite a blast, but eventually I didn’t have the chance to leave Milan in those days…too busy sh*t! Anyway, mr. Varma Cesar did a perfect job in capturing the night vibe I guess, so…enjoy!!!


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Chickenshit Conspiracy X Karl Grandin | Occult Institute


The hottest Russian collective, Chickenshit, that I had the pleasure to interview a few months ago for my blog – check their interview here - is back with another super juicy collaboration.


This time the Saint Petersburg based guys have teamed up with Karl Grandin, ex art director of the influential Swedish music magazine Pop and founder the clothing label Cheap Monday. A set of three handkerchiefs and two t-shirts, strictly black and white and packaged in a black wooden matryoshka doll, have been launched in conjunction with the Spectacle art show in Saint Petersburg. I so wish I was there…Saint Petersburg is every day more on my “MUST GO AND VISIT” list!

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Q+A with (CSC) | Chickenshit Conspiracy collective

You must have heard already of CHICKENSHIT collective, formed by two brothers from Saint-Petersburg. They make clothes, installations, exhibitions and organize thematic parties sometimes. 
They’re hot.

…and their black and white edgy aesthetic makes me drool so much that I had to go and ask them a few questions.

Q: Back in 2006, how did the Chickeshit project come about?

A: We started from thinking about designs, we were making 2 or 3 t-shirts and gave them to our friends who were the right people for the created images. As a result, there appeared a group of people longing to get more new presents! And right then we decided to create something more serious and we called it Chickenshit.
Initial capital we gained while working as builders and we invested everything in manufacturing.
Q: Today who are Chickenshit collective? And which creative fields do you cover, aside from being a fashion label?
A: 2 brothers. We make installations and exhibitions and usually it is in collaboration
with invited artists. Some photo and video, also one of us “KNFPRTY” is DJ-ing and we organize thematic parties sometimes.
Q: What is your starting point for each collection /collaboration?
A: it is always different. One line we dedicated to fashion designers and idea was “everybody knows
their names and their works but only few people really know them by sight. We see them so”. Another line was dedicated to religion. If it is a collaboration we also make a special event (exhibition, installation or party).

Chickenshit latest collaboration has been with Berlin Based illustrator MEYOKO for SAVE YOUR NOSSSE, the collaborative fashion label producing handkerchiefs in collaboration with famous photographers, designers, illustrators from all over the world. The brand was established in 2009 by one of the deisgners of (CSC). The main idea that every handkerchief is exclusive and made in style of the artist. This latest release features Meyoko’s art. The artist, an absolute stickler for details, draws her inspiration from birds, insects and life organisms.
Q: What influences your work and your dark, black and white aesthetics?
A: Everything…
But we pay much attention to the occult symbols, outlaw, voodoo and dark mood that can be found in each Chickenshit collection/collaboration.
Q: What do you think Style is about?
A: It is way of life…

Q: If Style was a place it would be…
A: Stockholm
Q: and if it was a person?
A: we say no nice sweet boys! We claim outlaws to be the new trend in the world of fashion Tricky, Vincent Cassel, Goldy.
Q: What are you listening to at the moment?
A: Some metal and hard rock
Q: If I came Saint-Petersburg what should I absolutely have to see?
A: Visit VIVA party.
Most of the musicians, designers and fashion people you can meet there. Many people start to prepare for this parties one week before. So, it is always crazy. Furthermore, one of us is a resident of this parties.
Q: Any plans for future?
A: For the moment we work on really super collaborations
and we are going to make a complete (ready to wear) collection.

Thank you guys!

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