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Chanel in b/w

The other night I have been watching “Coco avant Chanel”, the film about the life of Coco before she became a fashion designer. It is pretty funny to think that such an amazing character wanted to become a singer, a show girl, before getting into fashion.

Being a graphic designer I have always been fascinated by the beautiful simplicity of the double ‘C’ Chanel logo: out of all the iconic fashion designer’s it is the one that stands out.

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance” Coco said once.
But I am also enthralled by the way this logo has been stolen and remixed by the underground fashion scene. Here I post a collection of Chanel (or Chanel inspired images), strictly b/w, that I have on my mac. Hope you enjoy!
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Happy Easter!

…to all the pink-eared bunnies out there!
Eat as much chocolate eggs as you can  xoxo

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My dear Sheyla…

…we will miss you!

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This has been a working night in a non-stop working weekend. I’m pretty destroyed and I don’t know how I will manage to get everything done for the deadline, but happy ’cause I’ve seen these two gorgeous ladies I used to work with. It has been fun, now I’m sleepy…and I think it’s better for me to go to bed if I want to get up in time tomorrow!

nite nite and have sweet dreams xx

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Nike Vintage Preview

Here I post just a few of pics from yesterday nite preview, just because I cannot resist to publish nothing at all! :)
It was good to meet Ailén after ages that we didn’t see each other, but obviously we didn’t have enough time to catch up with everything we left behind. We agreeded that we should organize a girl’s nite out soon!

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Gossip in the rain

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